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Learn about lionfish issue itself and how this program got started, our founders and what is it all for here.  Sit down, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Our sponsors do not just get free advertising and promotions.  They are part of a solution that brings revenues into this community over time.  Be part of the solution

You are part of the change, the solution in getting rid of these invasive fish with their veracious appetites that kill off all the other fish on the reefs until the reefs are decimated.  This derby style lionfish tournament is a strong effort to give the reefs a fighting chance against these animals.   

The most important thing sponsors do is allow us to promote the awareness of the problem to more people and get more people involved in the solution. 

Tourist dollars from fishermen and divers and other tourists enjoying our beautiful reefs keep your business free of state taxes. Additionally, during surface intervals these divers and other tourists healthy reefs attract are in your stores and restaurants and businesses spending their dollars. 

An event like this can bring upwards of 20,000 people through in a few days. The hands you shake today could be your customers, best friends or even business partners tomorrow.  Come meet them as a vendor or sponsor.

Lionfish are destroying the life on our reefs.  Divers in programs like these can make the difference!  It is easier than you think to start a team and you could win cash and prizes as well! 

The fundraising we do determines the total amount raised but last year there were thousands of dollars in cash in addition to thousands in prizes for the many winners.  

This has become quite a competitive sport and although it is super fun to get out and dive and catch fish all day, it is also the disciplined ones who get to the finish with the biggest pile of the biggest lionfish.  You gonna be the one to brag this year?

Your efforts to win money and prizes also help the environment, so not only does your wallet get a boost but so does your heart.  Your changing the world one less ocean life devourer at a time.

Donations from many businesses throughout the community mean our divers have really great goodies from gift baskets to booze to outdoor adventures and scuba packages the prizes are as good as the cash.  Start your team today!

Shop the treasures of the Treasure Coast Lionfish Safari, Pay Registrations, Get Shirts, Pay for Vendor Sponsorships, booths, or general donations.

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Our Planning Committee

Hard at work.. these folks are behind the planning of this event.

Dyanna Boyd Voss

Founding Committee Member

Arnie Stirzinger

Founding Committee Member

Bryan Welling

Founding Committee Member

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Save the Date! June 12th and 13th, 2021 from 12:00pm Noon to 7:00pm.

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